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At Common Purpose Wellbeing, we bring a unique approach to workplace wellbeing.


An approach that's foundations have been built on our experience in elite personal training; where success and progress are achieved through developing a deep and intricate understanding of an individual client's own challenges, objectives and personal circumstances. But also from working with and researching the current wellness solutions available to corporates, which largely fail to tackle the crucial drivers and blockers of personal development in the workplace.

We’ve developed a model that shapes the most impactful features of a successful health & fitness program within the limitations of a workplace environment. Our approach aligns the personal needs and desires of individuals with the organisational objectives of forward-thinking businesses. To simplify this approach, we’ve outlined the four core principles that underlie Common Purpose Wellbeing’s programs, which are each supported by the key features of our service.

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As humans, we are all very different in a variety of interesting ways.


Without taking into account these personal nuances and biological differences, it is very unlikely that a wellbeing program will be able to successfully create lasting change. That’s why we ensure that each individual user is treated like one. 


We conduct an initial 1-2-1 consultation with every employee, to get under the skin of their health & fitness history and understand what their specific goals are. From there, we can plot a route through the program to ensure that they get maximum benefit and that it fits into their current schedule. 


As well as having access to their coach throughout the program, employees can book a debrief session at its completion to assess their experience. Here they can ask any final questions and find out how to apply the lessons they’ve learned to their ongoing lifestyle.


At Common Purpose Wellbeing, we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and well-rounded health & fitness coaches in the market.


We’re incredibly passionate about the subject and about delivering the best possible results for all of our clients. The only way we can do that is by ensuring that we have all of the knowledge and tools available so that we can apply that to the challenges we face.


This expertise is applied to the engaging content that we have painstakingly produced for the programs. It’s easy to get lost in the copious amounts of information available on wellbeing, but much of this is inaccurate, conflicting or not relevant to a normal person. So we’ve analysed the research and boiled it down to the most important principles, which are all based on scientific studies, so you know that you can trust in the teachings.


A corporate health & fitness program might be great on paper, but if the client isn’t able to follow it, it’s worthless.


That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop structured plans that can be completed no matter the user’s level of fitness or experience. From beginner through to advanced, users will be able to find a suitable starting point and steadily progress towards completion, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated. 

Our innovative digital platform allows users to access all of the rich content available, wherever they are in the world. Whether at home, in the office, or away on business trips, your employees can use their personal logins to complete their courses, watch on-demand video content and follow the live classes. We’ve removed the usual barriers to entry to encourage everyone in the team to get involved, get motivated and see results.


The future of the office is in doubt.


With huge numbers of employees now working remotely and many businesses planning to operate with more flexibility, we’re unlikely to see a return to normal working environments and  there is a major risk that team cohesion will suffer. Without organic contact and everyday verbal communication, we’re seeing many corporates struggle to maintain morale amongst their staff, which is likely to have serious consequences. 


We’ve built our program and the technology that supports it in a way that encourages connection between users. Strong interpersonal relationships are vital to the success of business teams and we help to facilitate that through regular interaction, digital social features and a shared goal. From our experience, the impact of working together on non-work-related projects can be profound for corporate leaders, individuals and teams. 

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